Davis's Nursing Skills Videos

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Judith M. Wilkinson, Leslie S. Treas, Mable H. Smith, Karen L. Barnett, Karen L Barnett, Dnp RN - 2015 - 16 pages

ISBN: 0803640145, 9780803640146

Davis's Nursing Skills Videos - DVD -Online Streaming versions available here Watch essential nursing skills demonstrated step-by-step. All of the skills and procedures a Fundamentals student needs to master are here! The videos follow the written step-by-step procedures presented in Fundamentals... of Nursing and Basic Nursing. Each video teaches you exactly how to perform a procedure, while a narrator explains clearly what to do. "What If..." situations explain how to handle special circumstances that could arise when performing a procedure. Ensure safe, effective patient care. Skill by skill, you'll build your confidence until you've mastered every procedure. Stay current with best practices. The Online Streaming videos will now be updated on an annual basis. Approximately 10 videos will be updated each year. (The DVDs will not be updated annually.) Also Available... Wilkinson & Treas: Fundamentals of Nursing Care, 3rd Edition Treas & Wilkinson: Basic Nursing

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Publisher: F a Davis Company


medical, nursing, fundamentals & skills

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