The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography

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James M. Rubenstein - 2010 - 510 pages

ISBN: 0321677358, 9780321677358

The Cultural Landscape introduces geography as a social science by emphasizing the relevance of geographic concepts to human problems. The relationship between globalization and cultural diversity underlies the material and pedagogy throughout reinforces geography skills. This book, trusted for its ...timeliness and readability, introduces geography by emphasizing the relevance of geographic concepts to human problems. Two years after Rubenstein's Update Edition was created to encompass the events of September 11, 2001, this revision also begins the careful process of putting those events into perspective. It provides new Global Forces and Local Impacts boxes in each chapter that explore in depth an issue related to chapter material, focusing on particular regions of the world. It includes new material on medical geography, terrorism, mineral resources, sustainable development, conservation, and biodiversity. The book also presents new information on gender differences in development, and expands material on Ethnicity, relating ethnicity problems to political conflict.

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Publisher: Prentice Hall


juvenile nonfiction, science & nature, earth sciences, geography, social science, human geography

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