Sociology in Action: A Canadian Perspective Flashcards

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Diane G. Symbaluk, Tami Marie Bereska - 2018 - 400 pages

ISBN: 0176725067, 9780176725068

The essence of sociology lies in the sociological imagination. Sociology in Action: A Canadian Perspective, Third Edition, articulates the importance of developing a sociological imagination and highlights the tools that are necessary to develop that skill: empirical research methods that create ver...ifiable knowledge, sociological theories that explain that knowledge, and critical thinking that enables us to evaluate and to extrapolate from that knowledge. By the time students have completed this text, they will be better equipped to engage in effective social action in the context of their families, communities, and professions, as well as in the context of larger social problems such as social inequality and environmental degradation. With their signature passion and Sociological Toolkit, Diane Symbaluk and Tami Bereska have created a text that will inspire 21st-century learners to become active and informed citizens.

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Publisher: Nelson Education Limited

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