Chemistry The Central Science 12th Edition

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Theodore E. Brown (Author), H. Eugene H LeMay (Author), Bruce E. Bursten, Patrick Woodward, Catherine Murphy - 2011 - 1195 pages

Trusted, innovative, and calibrated, Chemistry: The Central Scienc e has helped millions of students understand and succeed in general chemistry. Its unrivaled problems, scientific accuracy, and clarity are maintained in this new edition, which is the book’s biggest revision to date. In the Tw...elfth Edition, every word and piece of art has been studied for effectiveness. Based on feedback from students like you, this revision reflects the unparalleled expertise of its author team; each chapter has been updated and streamlined to remove any content not proven to increase student comprehension. Joined in this edition by new co-author Patrick Woodward, the book’s solid authorship gains a fresh, new perspective yet maintains its unified, consistent voice. 

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Publisher: Prentice Hall

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