Medical Parasitology: A Self-instructional Text

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Ruth Leventhal, Russell F. Cheadle - 2012 - 203 pages

ISBN: 080362543X, 9780803625433

Since the publication of the first edition of this text in 1979, various phenomena have increased the incidence of parasitic diseases among North Americans. Increased world travel by U.S. residents and the influx of immigrants from underdeveloped regions have brought increasing numbers of once seldo...m-encountered parasites to this country. Shifts in sexual behaviors in our society have altered the traditionally accepted epidemiology of infections such as giardiases and amebiasis. In addition, individuals with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) have contracted infections caused by previously rare opportinistic parasites and have suffered more severe symptoms from infections caused by usually less virulent organisms. Such situations lend an increased urgency to correctly diagnose and treat parasitic diseases by U.S. physicians and to detect these diseases by laboratory technologists. On a global basis, parasitic infections remain a most serious condideration. They effect the morbidity and mortality levels in every nation, effecting countries with tropical and temperate climates very significantly. We believe, therefore, that now more than ever, all health professionals need a fundamental understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of parasitic diseases. We have approached our revision with this belief in mind. Medical Parasitology is designed to provide the reader with a concise, systematic introduction to the biology and epidemiology of human parasitic diseases. The text is supported throughout by an array of carefully coordinated graphics. Many of the changes incorporated in this revision are based on responses from surveys of the users of the previous editions. The presentation of the symptomatology, pathology, and treatment of each parasitic disease has been expanded. New parasites have geen added, most notably those associated with AIDS. Information concerning the role of arthropods as ectoparasites has been enhanced and coverage of serologic testing has been strengthened. Resource lists for general and immunologic supplies ahve been added as well. Epidemiology and treatment topics have been reorganized and are expanded in the final chapter.

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Publisher: F. A. Davis Company


medical, allied health services, medical technology, parasitology

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