Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities Flashcards

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Richard D. Bucher, Patricia L. Bucher - 2010 - 278 pages

ISBN: 0135014638, 9780135014639

This empowering study on human diversity helps readers develop the ability to understand, respect, and value diversity–and demonstrates how opening one's mind to the views of other peoples and cultures is central for a quality education and successful career. Personalizing the learning experience by... integrating a variety of real-life student experiences and perspectives, it discusses topics in a style that promotes self-reflection and dialogue that is inclusive and not condescending. Complete with self-reflective journal questions, case studies, and interactive exercises, it discusses diversity and workplace issues–such as teamwork, conflict management, leadership, racism, prejudice, and communication; and zeroes in on the relationship between an employee's success and his/her ability to develop flexible thinking to positively and effectively deal with a variety of diversity issues.

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Publisher: Prentice Hall


family & relationships, prejudice

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