An Introduction to Children with Language Disorders

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Vicki Reed - 2012 - 621 pages

ISBN: 0131390481, 9780131390485

An excellent overview of the characteristics of language disorders in children paired with information on assessments and interventions. The fourth edition of An Introduction to Children with Language Disorders provides readers with an in-depth and comprehensive overview that is unsurpassed i...n comparable texts. In three parts, this guide to child communication disorders presents the characteristics of common language disorders seen in children, discusses assessments for these disorders, and presents the most current information on language disorder intervention. In addition, this popular text covers topics often left out by similar books, such as special populations of children with language disorders, gifted children, children with other learning disabilities, children with cleft palates, bilingual children, and children with visual impairments.

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Publisher: Pearson


medical, audiology & speech pathology

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