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Elizabeth A. Lacy, Bob Jones University Press, 276832 4th Ed - 2013

ISBN: 160682161X, 9781606821619

"Life Sciences" is the study of the living wonders that surround us every day; your students will learn to appreciate the wonders of Nature, as well as its Creator, in BJU Press' 7th Grade Life Science Curriculum. The basics are covered, includding classification of species, cell structure, relation...ships among organisms, genetics, microbiology, botany, zoology, and ecology, as well as more complicated topics such as evolution and creation, reproduction, and man's relationship to the environment. Illustrations help to reinforce abstract conceptes through diagrams, cartoons, charts, and more. Special features in the chapter include "Facests of life science,"career feature," "thinking critically," and "conncections in science," which connect iner-disciplinary or in tra-diciplinary topics and highlight real-life issues or questions to think about. Section reviews are incorporated throughout the chapter with quizzes at the end of each chapter to ensure mastery. Appendices on classification, word roots, the metric system, and an expanded glossary and index are included. 611 pages, softcover. This 4th edition has been released and rewritten to better fit this grade level with "Connection in Science" and "contrasting worldviews" approach. New chapter review sections include bullet point summaries, question categories, and standardized test prep questions. This new edition is also now a single volume book.

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Publisher: BJU Press



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