Unlocking Medical Terminology

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Bruce D. Wingerd - 2011 - 695 pages

ISBN: 0135149886, 9780135149881

Unlocking Medical Terminology serves as a key to discovering a new language, in a fun, eye-catching, yet scientifically precise way. This easy to navigate book is designed to be used as a text to support lectures, or as an independent workbook. To help readers learn the meanings, correct spelling, p...ronunciation, and other factors of each medical term, the book contains numerous exercises, tips, and colorful figures for learning and practicing. The flexibility of its application is made possible by the book's text-like format combined with its self-guided, exercise-driven learning program. Wingerd uses a stair-step approach that mirrors the way that many people learn. Instead of assuming you will absorb volumes of information in one step, this book presents topics in smaller pieces. Self-quizzes give you the opportunity to master the information before you build upon it in the next section. This approach allows you to work at your own pace and ensures success. Some new features include: New Art Program with a very visual presentation of Anatomy and Physiology. Case Studies and Medical Reports have been added to give students real world context. More exercises throughout to help students refine word building skills. New See & Say approach to pronunciation, helping students say the medical terms correctly.

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Publisher: Pearson


medical, allied health services

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