Wildlife and Landscape Ecology: Effects of Pattern and Scale

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John A. Bissonette, Wildlife Society. Meeting - 1997 - 428 pages

ISBN: 0387947892, 9780387947891

Ecologists increasingly recognize the importance of scale in our understanding of nature. Landscape ecology in particular emphasizes temporal and spatial scales. While research and management of wildlife has traditionally emphasized studies at smaller scales, it is now acknowledged that larger, land...scape-level patterns strongly influence demographic processes in wild animal species. This book is the first to provide the conceptual basis for learning how larger scale patterns and processes can influence the biology and management of wildlife species. It is divided into three sections: * Underlying Concepts * Landscape Metrics * Applications and Large Scale Management Wildlife and Landscape Ecology will be welcomed by scientists and managers with interest in and responsibility for the health of wild populations and their role in ecosystems.

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Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


nature, environmental conservation & protection, animals, wildlife, science, life sciences, botany, ecology, earth sciences, geology, zoology, ichthyology & herpetology

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