Pharmacology and the Nursing Process - E-Book

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Linda Lane Lilley, Shelly Rainforth Collins, Julie S. Snyder - 2014 - 1003 pages

ISBN: 0323293611, 9780323293617

With its colorful, user-friendly format, Pharmacology and the Nursing Process, 7th Edition provides students with all the pharmacology information they need — and no more than they need — to administer drugs safely and effectively. Increased emphasis on the nursing process and prioritization focuses... on the most essential assessments, nursing diagnoses, interventions, and evaluations. Thoroughly updated drug information is clear and concise, highlighting the most commonly used drugs, and includes a unique focus on safety-oriented QSEN competencies. Hundreds of full-color illustrations show how drugs work in the body and depict key steps in drug administration. Written by expert pharmacology educators and clinicians, this bestselling textbook employs innovative, practical learning aids to help your students prepare for success on the NCLEX® Examination and in nursing practice. Focus on need-to-know information provides the most essential drug information for safe, effective clinical practice.Focus on the nursing process and prioritization helps you apply the nursing process to all aspects of drug therapy, from assessment to nursing diagnoses, interventions, and evaluation/outcome criteria.UNIQUE! Illustrated Study Skills Tips include practical advice on time management, note taking, study techniques, and test-taking strategies.Special boxes and tables highlight evidence-based practice, dosages, pharmacokinetics, laboratory values related to drug therapy, preventing medication errors, cultural implications, lifespan considerations, herbal therapies, and legal and ethical principles.Nearly 300 full-color illustrations and the Photo Atlas of Drug Administration show how drugs work in the body and depict key steps in drug administration by various routes.NCLEX® Examination−style review questions are included in every chapter, with at least one alternate-format item per chapter and more than 40 new dosage calculation questions.Drug profiles highlight the pharmacokinetics and unique variations of commonly used drugs.Case studies promote clinical reasoning skills related to nursing pharmacology.Patient Teaching Tips include key points to convey to patients, their families, and their caregivers.

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Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


medical, nursing, pharmacology

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