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Carmen Herrera, Paul-A. Lamontagne - 2007 - 528 pages

ISBN: 0821937146, 9780821937143

A toda Vela! is a ground-breaking integrated skills Spanish textbook that uses authentic sources to help students develop skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each two-lesson chapter (eight chapters total) reinforces a multitude of tasks that incorporate the focal changes in the Adva...nced Spanish Language Examination and support innovative college-level courses that use the integrated skills approach to instruction. A toda vela! guides students to: read authentic sources; write a well organized and well developed essay; develop listening skills; speak extemporaneously about a specific topic or in a conversation; broaden familiarity with Hispanic literature, art, history, geography, current events and trends, and culture. Key Features of Each Lesson: extensive presentation, practice, word association lists, and a review of vocabulary in context; succinct, inductive grammar exercises; pair, small-group, and full-class tasks; extensive reading comprehension of authentic texts, as well as listening comprehension; helpful hints, rubrics, charts, and pointers for organizing, developing, and presenting information. - Publisher.

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Publisher: Emc Pub


foreign language study, spanish

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