Human Anatomy

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Ronald T. Harris, Michael McKinley, Dr., Elizabeth Pennefather-O'Brien, Valerie O'Loughlin - 2014 - 960 pages

ISBN: 0073525731, 9780073525730

With its unrivaled art program and accessible writing style, McKinley et al.'s Human Anatomy stands apart from other anatomy texts. High-quality photographs paired with brilliantly rendered illustrations help students visualize, understand, and appreciate the wonders of human anatomy. The author tea...m incorporates their over seventy years of teaching experience into student-friendly Learning Strategies, Clinical View boxes, and progressive question sets that motivate students to internalize and apply what they've learned. Users who purchase Connect Plus receive access to the full online eBook version of the textbook, as well full access to LearnSmart, SmartBook, and Anatomy & Physiology Ӏ REVEALED.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


science, life sciences, human anatomy & physiology, medical, anatomy

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