Organic Chemistry: Hybrid Edition

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John McMurry - 2013 - 1000 pages

ISBN: 1285777522, 9781285777528

Reflecting Cengage Learning's commitment to offering flexible teaching solutions and value for students and instructors, this new hybrid version features the instructional presentation found in the printed text while delivering all the end-of-section and end-of-chapter exercises online in OWLv2, the... leading online learning system for chemistry.The result--a briefer printed text that engages learners online! Improve your grades and understanding of concepts with this value-packed Hybrid Edition of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 8th edition. An access code to OWLv2 with MindTap Reader is included with the text, providing you with powerful online resources that include tutorials, simulations, randomized homework questions, videos, an interactive electronic version of the textbook, and more! In John McMurry's words, "I wrote this book because I love writing. I get great pleasure and satisfaction from taking a complicated subject, turning it around until I see it clearly from a new angle, and then explaining it in simple words." Through his lucid writing and ability to show the beauty and logic of organic chemistry, McMurry makes learning enjoyable.

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Publisher: Cengage Learning


science, chemistry, organic

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