Essentials of Ultrasound Physics Flashcards

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James A. Zagzebski - 1996 - 220 pages

ISBN: 0815198523, 9780815198529

A concise, practical reference that can be a companion to Hagen-Ansert Textbook of Diagnostic Ultrasonography 4e, or used as a stand-alone resource for anyone interested in ultrasound physics. This easy-to-follow text works well as a primer for the Registry exam. Topics covered include broadband tra...nsducers, modern beam formers, dynamic frequency filtering, intraluminal transducers, color flow imaging methodology, bioeffects and acoustic output labeling standards. Plus, chapter outlines, review questions and answers, and a practice Registry exam help to reinforce the learning process.

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Publisher: Mosby


medical, diagnostic imaging, ultrasonography

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