C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller

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Janet Benge, Geoff Benge - 2007 - 191 pages

ISBN: 1576583856, 9781576583852

From his earliest childhood, C.S. Lewis (1898 -1963) loved to hear and tell stories. Persuaded that stories could reveal the truth about the real world in a unique way, the literature professor would write more than thirty books, including science fiction, theology, literary criticism, and fantasy. ...In an era marked by two world wars, Lewis attacked tough questions about life and faith headfirst. Convinced that the story of Jesus Christ is the truest of all stories, and known for searching out the truth with honesty, clarity, and imagination, the former atheist would become one of the most influential Christians of the twentieth century.

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Publisher: YWAM Pub.


juvenile nonfiction, biography & autobiography, religious, christian

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