Analysing the French Revolution

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Michael Adcock - 2004 - 180 pages

ISBN: 0521546524, 9780521546522

This text tells the story of the French Revolution, including the sequence of events, main characters, key ideas and concepts. This is done by providing narrative on the revolution, documentary evidence, analysis of historians' arguments and activities. This is significant as no other book on the ma...rket includes all of these elements. The structure of the book will allow for analysis around the political, social and economic changes and continuities. It will include a range of sources: contemporary accounts, historians' accounts, and visual representations. It will be an active text with a range of questions for students to complete. There will also be activities that recognise students learn in different ways. The text is up to date and includes the historiography of the revolution since the end of the Communist period. The language level is accessible for the vast majority of VCE students.

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press


juvenile nonfiction, history

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