Diversified Health Occupations Essentials

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Louise Simmers - 1998 - 424 pages

ISBN: 9780827378179, 0827378173

Perfect for building the core knowledge your health occupations students need to enter a career in health care services. This concise new book presents Part One of the new full-color fourth edition of Diversified Health Occupations, providing the essential core concepts and skills that students need... to move into any health care career. Included in the Essentials version are such relevant topics as workplace readiness skills, safety, infection control, vital signs, workplace technology, and first aid. The superb teaching tools include new full-color design and photos, as well as eye-catching icons that alert students and teachers to important connections to academics and workplace safety issues. DHO Essentials is accompanied by its own supplement package, tailored specifically to the content covered in the Essentials edition, including new Diversified Health Occupations Videos, Teacher's Resource Kit, Student Workbook, Computerized Testbank, and Instructor's Guide. (OSHA, infection control, standard precautions, health careers, anatomy, physiology, health care services, Diversified Health Occupations, DHO, health occupations) ALSO AVAILABLE - INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDER Instructor's Guide ISBN: 0-8273-7818-1 Teacher's Resource Kit (w/Computerized Test Bank) ISBN: 0-8273-7824-6 Computerized Test Bank (3.5" Windows and Mac) ISBN: 0-8273-7825-4 Workbook ISBN: 0-8273-7820-3 DHO Video Series (4 tapes) ISBN: 0-8273-7982-X Benefits: *new full-color photos and illustrations enhance appeal for students, while eye-catching icons alert them to academic connections and workplace safety issues *expanded information on workplace readiness skills fills the needs of school-to-career programs *National Health Care Skills Standards Correlation Guide, and Teacher's Resource Kit helps teachers integrate the new standards into their curriculum *vital updated information on universal precautions, OBRA, and isolation techniques ensures student a

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Publisher: Cengage Learning


medical, allied health services

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