Microbiology: A Systems Approach Flashcards

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Marjorie Kelly Cowan, Kathleen Park Talaro - 2009 - 904 pages

ISBN: 0077224779, 9780077224776

Microbiology: A Systems Approach is a non-majors microbiology textbook that has quickly become known for its unique organization, appealing writing style, and current medical applications. Cowan/Talaro utilizes an organ systems approach, but unlike any other book, this text first describes the clini...cal presentation (the particular set of symptoms) and then all of the organisms that could cause the symptom as opposed to just providing a long list of organisms to study. This treatment is unique and represents a real difference in the method of teaching microbiology.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education


computers, computer graphics, science, life sciences, microbiology, social science, sociology

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