Bartending 101: The Basics of Mixology, 4th Edition Flashcards

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Ann Lai, Harvard Student Agencies, Alexander Z. Speier - 2005 - 270 pages

ISBN: 0312349068, 9780312349066

The Essential Bartending Crash CourseDo you know how to set up a full bar for that party you're having? How much vermouth to use when your first guest requests a "dry martini on the rocks?" How to measure out a shot of alcohol using the three-count method?You'll find the answers to all of these ques...tions and much more in this indispensable guide. Rather than teaching you recipes for drinks you've never heard of and will never have to make, the authors focus on the fundamentals of bartending--using the tools, learning the terminology and drink mnemonics, and setting up for a cocktail party. This book will transform the most ignorant imbiber into a sauce-slinger extraordinaire, ready to go out and bartend recreationally or professionally.This guide includes:-Basic bar setups, tools, and helpful techniques-Hundreds of recipes for the most popular drinks and punches, from chocolate martinis to salty dogs-New chapters featuring everything a bartender needs to know about beer and wine-A new and improved guide to throwing a fabulous cocktail party-Hints on finding a bartending job-Diagrams, illustrations, and many useful tips throughout.

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Publisher: Macmillan


cooking, beverages, alcoholic, bartending

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