Hsk 1-4 Vocabulary Book: Practice Test Hsk1-4 Workbook Mandarin Chinese Character with Flash Cards Plus Dictionary. This Hsk Vocabulary List Standard Course Workbook Is Designed for Test Preparation. Flashcards

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Childrenmix Summer B - 2019 - 302 pages

ISBN: 1797601814, 9781797601816

This HSK vocabulary list is a complete Chinese word book for HSK level 1 to 4 test prep. This workbook provides 6 Chinese words with pinyin and translation in English on 1 page. There are totally complete 900 words! You can fold the paper as per dot line in order to test yourself for reading and tra...nslation. This book aims at the fourth level of HSK and also to improve your Chinese language skills effectively and systematically.

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Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US

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