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Catherine Hungerford, Donna Hodgson, Richard Clancy, Tony Jones, Anthony Harrison, Chris Hart - 2012 - 537 pages

ISBN: 111825693X, 9781118256930

A text written for non-specialist mental health nursing courses and suitable for undergraduate students from nursing and other health disciplines which is supported by integrated online resources.This is an adaptation of a Wiley Blackwell title by Harrison & Hart (editors), Mental Health Care for Nu...rses, designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students. Mental Health Nursing is generally a core second year subject and may be taken by nurses, paramedics, occupational therapists and other health disciplines. The focus is not on the ‘general hospital', as many nurses and other health professionals in Australia will not necessarily be working in the hospital setting. It is important to consider the role of the ‘multidisciplinary team'.

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


medical, nursing, management & leadership

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