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Freida L. Carson, Christa Hladik, Christa Hladik Cappellano - 2015 - 352 pages

ISBN: 0891896317, 9780891896319

Freida Carson returns with the thoroughly revised and expanded 4th (and final) edition of her perennial bestseller, Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text. Although written foremost in mind for histotechnology students; practicing technicians, technologists, residents, and pathologist will find... this text quite useful as well. Carson's Histotechnology series has proven to be an indispensable teaching tool and reference guide, and a must for histotechnologists preparing for the ASCP HTL certifying examination. This thoroughly revised 4th Edition has been completely updated with: Expanded coverage of molecular techniques An added chapter on laboratory informatics Large-scale updating of immunohistochemistry, enzyme histochemistry, and laboratory safety content Added information on fixatives for electron microscopy Additional updated chapters New images A newly added glossary

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Publisher: ASCP

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