Management of Health Information: Functions and Applications Flashcards

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Rozella Mattingly - 1996 - 456 pages

ISBN: 0827360576, 9780827360570

This new text develops an integrated management model that will prepare health information management students to become effective information managers. The focus on decision making, team building, and managing new technologies will lead students to develop successful management styles for the healt...h care demands of the future. Each of the major sections in this text focuses on the management principles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Many health care related examples provide learners the opportunity to develop new skills that lead to meeting customer needs in areas such as data capture, analysis, integration, and information dissemination. Case studies within each chapter challenge learners to apply their knowledge and assess understanding. (HIM, management, health information management)

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Publisher: Delmar Publishers


business & economics, information management, medical, administration, health care delivery, physicians

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