IGenetics A Molecular Approach

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Peter J. Russell - 2007 - 842 pages

ISBN: 1405887303, 9781405887304

iGenetics: A Molecular Approach: International Edition, 2/e iGenetics: A Molecular Approach reflects the dynamic nature of modern genetics by emphasizing an experimental, inquiry-based approach with a solid treatment of many research experiments. The text is ideally suited for students who have had ...some background in biology and chemistry and who are interested in learning the central concepts of genetics. Problem solving is a major feature of the text and students have the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills to a variety of problems at the end of each chapter. Pedagogical features such as Principal Points, at the beginning of each chapter, and Keynotes, strategically placed throughout the chapter, are useful learning tools. Biology: International Edition, 7/e Neil Campbell and Jane Reece's Biologyremains unsurpassed as the most successful majors biology textbook in the world. The authors have restructured each chapter around a conceptual framework of five or six big ideas.The text also contains a wealth of pedagogical features such as Chapter Overviews, Concept Check questions, New Inquiry Figures and each chapter ends with a Scientific Inquiry Question that asks students to apply scientific investigation skills to the content of the chapter.Principles of Biochemistry: International Edition, 4/e This concise, introductory text focuses on the basic principles of biochemistry, filling the gap between the encyclopedic volumes and the cursory overview texts. The book has a well-deserved reputation for being the most accurate biochemistry textbook in the market. Widely praised in its previous edition for currency, and clarity of exposition, the new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect recent changes in this dynamic discipline. Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology, 2/e Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology puts statistics into context to show biology students the relevance of statistical analysis.It covers all the statistical tests a biology student would need throughout their study; demonstrates their uses and rationale; and describes how to perform them using both a calculator and the SPSS computer package. CourseCompass with E-book Student Access Kit for Biology, 7/e CDROM, Biology - International Edition Student Web Access Card, biology - International Edition

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Publisher: Pearson Education, Limited

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