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Mark Kishlansky, Patrick Geary, Patricia O'Brien - 2006 - 1104 pages

ISBN: 0321416945, 9780321416940

The Primary Source Edition of Civilization in the West blends social and political history into a fascinating narrative that brings history to life and includes a special section at the end of the book containing 1 to 2 primary sources with critical thinking questions per chapter. The authors tell a... compelling story of Western Civilization that is enhanced by an image-based approach. The Visual Record chapter openers draw students in by using illustrations that underscore a dominant theme of the chapter. The dramatic, changing contours of the West are explored through standard maps, Map Discovery features, and Geographical Tours of Europe. With 40 primary source documents, the Primary Source Edition has everything students need to succeed in the course-a highly readable survey text that examines all aspects of world history plus a wealth of original documents that help make the material come alive. Document Analysis questions encourage students to delve deeper into the documents and to explore how they relate to the events of the time.

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Publisher: Longman Publishing


history, united states, civilization

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