Standard English: The Widening Debate

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Tony Bex, Richard J. Watts - 1999 - 328 pages

ISBN: 0415191637, 9780415191630

Standard Englishdraws together the leading international scholars in the field, who confront the debates surrounding 'Standard English', grammar and correctness head-on. These debates are as intense today as ever and extend far beyond an academic context. Current debates about the teaching of Englis...h in the school curriculum and concerns about declining standards of English are placed in a historical, social and international context. Standard English: * explores the definitions of 'Standard English', with particular attention to distinctions between spoken and written English * traces the idea of 'Standard English' from its roots in the late seventeenth century through to the present day. This is an accessible, seminal work which clarifies an increasingly confused topic. It includes contributions from: Ronald Carter, Jenny Cheshire, Tony Crowley, James Milroy, Lesley Milroy and Peter Trudgill.

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Publisher: Psychology Press


language arts & disciplines, linguistics

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