Child Development

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Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch - 2013 - 729 pages

ISBN: 1452216797, 9781452216799

This innovative text engages students by demonstrating the wide range of real-world applications of psychological research to child development. In particular, the distinctive ′active learning′ features incorporated throughout the book foster a dynamic and personal learning process for students. The... authors cover the latest topics shaping the field of child development - including a focus on neuroscience, diversity and culture - without losing the interest of undergraduate students. The pedagogical features in this text and the accompanying ancillaries package help students discover the excitement of studying child development, enhance their learning, and equip them with tools they can use long after the class ends. This text is geared towards undergraduate courses in child development, child psychology, and developmental psychology.

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psychology, developmental, child, psychotherapy, child & adolescent

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