Understanding Symbolic Logic

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Virginia Klenk - 2008 - 461 pages

ISBN: 0132051524, 9780132051521

This comprehensive introduction presents the fundamentals of symbolic logic clearly, systematically, and in a straightforward style accessible to readers. Each chapter, or unit, is divided into easily comprehended small “bites” that enable learners to master the material step-by-step, rather than be...ing overwhelmed by masses of information covered too quickly. The book provides extremely detailed explanations of procedures and techniques, and was written in the conviction that anyone can thoroughly master its content. A four-part organization covers sentential logic, monadic predicate logic, relational predicate logic, and extra credit units that glimpse into alternative methods of logic and more advanced topics. For individuals interested in the formal study of logic.

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Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall


mathematics, logic

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