Torres' Patient Care in Imaging Technology Flashcards

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Andrea G. Dutton, TerriAnn Linn-Watson, Lillian S. Torres - 2012 - 403 pages

ISBN: 1451115652, 9781451115659

Now in its eighth edition, Torres’ Patient Care in Imaging Technology is trusted to develop the knowledge and skills that enable students to become safe and sensitive practitioners in every aspect of patient care. The text is designed to present key concepts effectively for beginning students as wel...l as more advanced students and practitioners who want to improve their skills in patient care and imaging technology. Torres’ Patient Care in Imaging Technology is a highly visual, focused, comprehensive text that presents key concepts, current trends, and advances in imaging technology and patient care in an engaging manner. The new edition includes an introductory chapter on radiography and contains expanded coverage of HIPAA and diversity. Two new features: Cultural Considerations boxes and Case Studies with critical thinking questions, build on the text's emphasis on helping students develop the skills needed to think critically and react appropriately in an actual clinical setting. The student-friendly writing style and logical organization allow instructors to cover the essentials of patient care in a limited amount of time. An illustration- and feature-rich approach enhances learning for students of multiple learning styles.

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Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


medical, allied health services, radiological & ultrasound technology

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