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Sally E. Ryan, Karen Sladyk - 2005 - 620 pages

ISBN: 1556427409, 9781556427404

To help OTAs keep pace with the latest developments in occupational therapy, Sally Ryan and Karen Sladyk present a new edition of the classic Ryan's Occupational Therapy Assistant: Principles, Practice Issues, and Techniques. This updated Fourth Edition integrates the Occupational Therapy Practice F...ramework: Domain and Process throughout each section, while including evidence-based practice and research to support the treatment options presented. Written in a student-friendly format, the text covers all aspects of OTA practice for both education and preparation for the NBCOT exam. Using actual client examples, students are guided throughout the process of learning various principles and disabilities to applying that knowledge in a clinical setting. A young child with visual deficits, a teenager with depression, and a businessman with a stroke are just a few of the client records profiled. A variety of treatment techniques are detailed to help prospective OTAs understand how to choose and when to implement certain procedures. Group intervention, assistive technology, basic splinting, wellness and health promotion, and work injury activities are examples of the techniques presented. Unique to this Fourth Edition are specific chapters designated to evidence-based practice and understanding research. These chapters, along with chapters on supervision, functional ethics, and teamwork, reinforce information presented in earlier chapters and help the OTA manage aspects of his or her career. A core text for students aspiring to become successful OTAs, Ryan's Occupational Therapy Assistant, Fourth Edition contains the information necessary to take that next step. Topics Include: Historical, philosophical, and theoretical principles Occupations and disabilities Treatment techniques, procedures, and concepts Management and practice issues

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Publisher: SLACK


medical, allied health services, occupational therapy

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