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Caryn Johnson, Tina DeAngelis, Arlene Lorch - 2002 - 265 pages

ISBN: 0803608446, 9780803608443

This guide provides practical information on applying for and preparing for the examination, followed by test-taking tips. It offers a general review of occupational therapy practice and teaches how to apply classroom acquiired knowledge to realistic practice situations. It contains a CD-ROM with 80...0 questions that can be customized into multiple practice exams. The questions reflect the COTA exam's emphasis on analytical rather than recall-type questions; Questions in the first three exams are grouped by domain; Questions in the 4th exam are grouped by population; The 5th exam simulates the actual test; the content corresponds to the content mix of the actual exam as described in the 1999 COTA Exam Test Specifications; Answers with detailed explanations and references are provided. In addition to the questions on the CD-ROM, there are 1,000 review questions in five practice exams in the book itself.

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Publisher: F.A. Davis


medical, allied health services, occupational therapy

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