Trail Guide to the Body: A Hands-on Guide to Locating Muscles, Bones and More

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Andrew Biel - 2010 - 434 pages

ISBN: 0982663404, 9780982663400

Trail Guide to the Body is the most effective and engaging way to master palpation and musculoskeletal anatomy. Now, the new 4th Edition offers even more -- new illustrations, practical tips, more kinesiology and a complimentary DVD that brings palpation to life! Included for the first time with t...he textbook --a complimentary DVD for practicing palpation! Author Andrew Biel coaches students on palpation in this dynamic 3-hour complimentary DVD. It covers 79 muscles, key bony landmarks and includes more than 200 illustration overlays. Trail Guide to the Body is a highly recommended textbook for the state licensing tests administered by both the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and is one of only five books on their official examination reference lists.

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Publisher: Books of Dicovery


medical, allied health services, massage therapy

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