Hematology in Practice

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Betty Ciesla - 2012 - 365 pages

ISBN: 0803625618, 9780803625617

"I just finished reading your chapter about the normocytic anemias caused by hemoglobinopathies, and it was so fascinating that I forgot that I was actually studying! You have a real knack for presenting information." --Joan Bleeg Student, University of North Dakota Review of the 1st Edition Build ...a solid understanding of hematology in the context of practical laboratory practice and principles. Superbly organized, this reader-friendly text breaks a complex subject into easy-to-follow, manageable sections. Begin with the basic principles of hematology; discover red and white blood cell disorders; journey through hemostasis and disorders of coagulation; and then explore the procedures needed in the laboratory. Thoroughly updated and peer reviewed, and with expanded coverage of vital topics, the 2nd Edition offers state-of-the-art coverage and new online resources that make learning easy.

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Publisher: F.A. Davis


medical, allied health services, medical technology, hematology

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