Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure and Function

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Reva Arnez Curry, Betty Bates Tempkin - 2010 - 650 pages

ISBN: 1416055568, 9781416055563

Gain a firm understanding of normal anatomy and physiology from a sonographic perspective! Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure and Function, 3rd Edition shows normal anatomy as it appears during scanning, with labeled drawings explaining what you should notice. With this knowledge, you will... be able to accurately identify sonographic pathology and abnormalities. Over 1,200 illustrations include the latest and best images from the newest ultrasound equipment, including 3D and 4D images. Written by expert educators Reva Curry and Betty Tempkin, this book provides complete preparation for the challenges you'll encounter in the clinical environment.Over 1,200 images provide a thorough, visual understanding of sonography.Detailed, labeled line drawings accompany most sonograms to highlight and outline the anatomic structures that are visible in the image.Physiology background allows you to correlate images with physiologic processes and know which images need to be captured for the diagnosis of pathology.Sonographic appearance and applications sections help you develop skills in obtaining the correct images and knowing why those images are so important.Correlation with laboratory and other studies helps you connect your results with the total patient picture of disease analysis. A consistent emphasis on vasculature helps in the diagnosis of arterial disease.Introduction to Specialty Sonography section discusses important specialty areas such as neonatal brain, pediatric and adult echocardiography, and vascular technology.A companion workbook reinforces the textbook with exercises offering additional practice in identifying anatomical structures and applying knowledge. Sold separately.Thorough coverage of the newest ultrasound techniques includes:Upper extremity vascular imagingNeonatal hip and spine3D and 4D imagingFemale pelvis scanningThoracocentesis and paracentesisDoppler techniques for fetal ductus venosus, aorta and MCA imagingQuality control protocolScanning planes and sectional anatomySterile technique80 new sonograms demonstrate the latest and best images from state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, including 3D and 4D images.New Embryological Development chapter explains how the different body systems of a fetus develop.New Penis and Scrotum chapter provides the latest information on male reproductive scanning.Important clinical information such as universal precautions and knobology has been moved from the appendix into the main text. Definitions of key terms begin each chapter.Summary tables for structure location and measurements are included for easy reference.

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Publisher: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division


medical, allied health services, imaging technologies

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