ATI Fundamentals For Nursing Chapter 1 - Health Care Delivery Systems?? - Pain Management

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accute pain

transient discomfort or physical distress signaling actual or potential tissue damage and characterized by an identifiable cause, a short duration, resolution with healing, and few long-term emotional consequences



referring to drug addiction: a dependence phenomenon characterized by impaired control over drug use, compulsive use, continued use despite harm, and craving


adjuvant analgesia

a drug primarily used to treat something other than pain but also enhances pain relief


alternative therapies

treatment approaches, used to replace conventional medical treatments, which are not currently considered part of conventional Western medicine


measuring skin tension and using learned techniques to relieve pain

A patient who has been experiencing frequent, severe migraine headaches tells the nurse she has heard that biofeedback is effective in treating migraines. The patient asks the nurse to describe how this pain-relief method works. The nurse would replay that biofeedback involves


check the IV site and PCA pump for proper functioning

A nurse is caring for a patient just transferred from the PACU following an abdominal hysterectomy. The patient is receiving PCA with IV morphine sulfate 2 mg every 15 min with a 30 mg/4 hr lockout. One hour after the patient has returned to the unit, the patient tells the nurse that her pain is still unbearable. The nurse checks the PCA monitor and determines that the patient has made six attempts within the last hour. Which of the following actions should the nurse take after performing a pain assessment?


Have an opioid antagonist available during the administration.

A nurse is planning to administer a dose of intravenous morphine sulfate for a postoperative patient. Which of the following is a pain management protocol that should be used by the nurse in this situation?


Pentazocine (Talwin)
-it is an opioid agonist antagonist. may cause opioid withdrawal

a nurse is caring for a patient admitted to the emergency department with severe pain following a fall from a ladder. Initial assessment reveals long term use of opioids for chronic pain. Which of the following provider prescriptions for initial pain relief should the nurse question


this scale is used for adult patients who have cognitive impairments

a nurse is about to use the Wong-Baker FACES pain scale to assist a pt in assessing his pain level. which should the nurse know in order to us


class of medication used to treat acute postoperative pain

a nurse is caring for two patients of different cultural backgrounds. Both patients returned from the same type of surgery 2 hrs ago. Which should the nurse expect to be the same for both patients?


"My pain feels like I'm being stabbed by a knife."

During a pain assessment, a nurse asks questions about the quality of an adult patient's pain. Which of the following statements by the patient refers to pain quality?