ATI Fundamentals For Nursing Chapter 7 - Nursing Process

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Nursing Process

  • is a cyclical, critical thinking process that consist of 5 steps to follow in a purposeful, goal-directed, systematic way to achieve optimal client outcomes. It is a variation of scientific reasoning that helps nurses organize nursing care and apply the optimal available evidence to care delivery.
  • is a dynamic, continuous, client-centered, problem-solving, and decision-making framework that is foundational to nursing practice.
  • provides a framework throughout which nurses can apply knowldge, experience, judgment, and skills, as well as established standards of nursing practice to the formulation of a plan of nursing care.
  • helps nurses integrate critical thinking creativity to base nursing judgment on reason.
  • promotes the professionalism of nursing from the practice of medicine and that of other health care professionals.


  • Assessment (data collection)
  • Analysis (data collection)
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Name the nursing process framework (in order)

  • Nurse must ask clients appropriate questions
  • listen carefully to responses
  • have an excellent head-to-toe physical assessment skills

How to collect date effectively?

  • Recognize patterns or trends
  • Compare the data with expected standards or reference ranges
  • Arrive at conclusions to guide nursing care/

During Analysis/Data Collection, nurses are required to look at the data and ... (name 3 more)