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It is indeed a challenging task to write a winning MBA essay when you are applying for MBA admission to one of the prestigious business schools. The admission board is not going to be solely impressed by the high GPAs scores and your excellent transcripts. Their intention is to select dynamic young individuals with strong personalities that will contribute to the development of the business world through academic advancements. Their objective is to select students who will enrich their student body.

This is why you need to use your admission essay as one of the top ammunitions in your application arsenal. You must portray your character to be dynamic, enthusiastic and full of zest for knowledge.


An admission essay has to appeal to the emotional senses of the reader and strike an affinity between you and the selector through the content and words. Your essay needs to highlight your positive points and portray you as a vibrant young person with high potential for success. The content of your essay need to do this subtly without appearing to oversell your self.

Using a suitable essay format is important to ensure you convey these points cohesively.


It is important to establish that you and the business school you are applying are compatible in terms of what you are looking for and what they are offering. You can discuss how your career goals will be boosted by a MBA from the chosen school and how the knowledge, exposure and network of contacts you establish during the MBA studies will aid you in achieving your career goals.

You need to let the selectors know what you admire about the business school you are applying for.


An important essay tip is to choose an appropriate writing style and avoid writing in passive note. Your essay must not be too dull, drab or a self absorbed. Providing information on your current work and responsibilities as well as how you have handled any special situations or crisis will allow the selectors to make some sound judgments of your intelligence, talents and skills.

You can make references to some current happenings in the business world but avoid making your admission essay sound like a business essay, merely because you are applying to a business degree program.


Selectors have to read through a large number of admission essays and they will appreciate those who write concisely without repetition and wandering. Typing mistakes and grammatical errors are absolutely unacceptable at this level of study as you are applying to become icons of professionalism in the business world.

This is why it is best that your essay is proof read and reviewed by professional editors.


Finally, if you are one of those people who are not above average in writing skills, then a practical advice is to seek professional help. There is a choice to buy essays online and you may be able to infuse your ideas and portray your actual strengths to the maximum with the aid of a professional writer. This will be a wise choice than allowing mediocre writing to understate your excellent skills, qualifications and character in poor MBA Essay and place you at a disadvantage in the selection process.

After all, as business personnel you are expected to weigh pros and cons of alternatives all the time and this is certainly a time when the stakes are high. Good Luck with your admission essay!