History of the number of people using the internet

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History of the number of people using the internet

The internet has grown very aggressively as well as the number of users throughout the years. From just a few computer scientists researching, to millions of computers linked together through the internet to use for everyday tasks.


What is the reason for the amount of users growing so rapidly?

Advancements in the internet have made it more accessible for people to access information in just seconds and communicate with people from around the world very easily. Businesses can grow using the internet, which makes users more interested in using the internet for this reason.


What is the difference between the amount of people using the internet from when I first started in the 1990's to currently now that my son uses it for his research?

  • In 1990 the Internet had existed for only 7 years. Just 3 million people had access to it worldwide. 73% of these people were living in the United States.
  • As of June 2017, 51% of the world's population has internet access
  • 3+ billion people are now around the world using the internet.

What did I learn from the research?

I find it interesting that the more time goes on, the more changes the internet goes through. When it first began, it was minimal and hard to access. Now that we depend on the internet more, companies have to keep up with the demand. Providers have to speed up the way they deliver the internet to the consumer, prices have to be competitive and websites have to be more user friendly.

I remember using the internet back when it first came out and it was so slow and boring. Now the internet can be used for so many different things and is so common for everyday use. I would probably be lost without it.