Erikson Stages of Development

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infancy -18mo

Trust vs. Mistrust



A mother brings her toddler, age 20 months, to the clinic today for immunizations. She talks about trying to initiate toilet training a few weeks ago, but her son wasn't interested. She decided to put it off for awhile. She told her son he was a good boy and they would try again another time. According to Erik Erikson's theory, what is the likely outcome for Matt's developmental stage?


Stage 2

1-3yr toddler

Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt



The emergency department nurse is caring for an infant age 2 months who was brought in by a hired caregiver. The infant is underweight and looks uncared for. The caregiver reports that the mother of the infant is unreliable and may be using drugs; the infant is often unclean and hungry when dropped off at the caregiver's home. The infant has diaper rash and a weak cry. If this situation is not remedied, what will this infant have difficulty achieving, according to Erikson's developmental theory?


Stage 3

4-6yr preschool

Initiative vs. Guilt


Stage 4

6-12yr school age

Industry vs. Inferiority


Stage 4: Industry vs. Inferiority

A nursing student is visiting a third-grade class to observe growth and development in action and does assessments on the children. They are learning to think logically and to classify and relate objects and ideas. According to Erikson, in what developmental stage are they?


Stage 5

12-18yr adolescent

Identity vs. role confusion


Stage 5: Identity vs Role Confusion

The nursing student is visiting a middle school with an assignment to observe and visit with students while walking around with the school nurse. Then nursing student is interested to learn that some students seem to be rebelling against authority figures like teachers and parents. The nursing student recalls that, according to Erikson's theory, this is not abnormal behavior. To which stage of Erikson's theory does this behavior belong?


Stage 6

20-30 yr young adulthood

Intimacy vs Isolation


Stage 6: Intimacy vs Isolation

Then nurse is caring for single, professional woman age 29 years, who was admitted with a severe gall bladder attack. The nurse visits with her and performs an assessment. The client is not married and fears a committed relationship because of a bad experience some years ago. The nurse knows that, according to Erikson's developmental theory, Judith is in danger of which of the following?


Stage 7

30-65 mid adulthood

Generativity vs Stagnation


Stage 8

65 to death later adulthood

Integrity vs. Despair