Warrior Mindset

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xviii: Paladin (n):

1. Any one of the legendary peers or knightly champions in attendance on Charlemagne.

2. Any knightly or heroic champion.

3.Any determined advocate, or defender of a noble cause.


xix: The New Warriors, the New Paladins.

Quote from Swift County Sheriff's Dept, Benson, MN Chief Deputy Scott Mattison

Until technology enables me to handcuff you from afar, I will need to arrest you, face-to-face, man-to-man. This means that, when we fight, when I call upon those elements of the warrior within, I will be close enough to smell you, to touch you, to strike you, to cut you, to hear you, to plead with you, to touch you, to wrestle with you, to shoot you, to handcuff you, to bleed on you and you on me, to tend to your wounds, to hear your your last words. Our meeting may be brief, but I will have had a more intense contact with you, my unwanted adversary, than with most of my loved ones


xix: Two kinds of people once the bullets start to fly:

1. warriors and,

2. victims.