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Have you ever wondered how Kroger knows which coupons to give you on the items
you buy most? How about how a store knows exactly how many of a certain item to keep on
their shelves? Business Management Information Systems is the key to these questions. The
University of Arizona-Eller gives a great info on what MIS students must learn to impact
businesses. They say that students will need to learn how business use information to help their
managers and associates assist customers, how to create systems for finding and storing data
and more.

Business Management Information Systems has three main strategies when it comes
to development- Cost Reduction, Quality Improvement, and Revenue Growth. Tonight, I will
talk about each starting with Cost Reduction- how the systems that are worked on often have
many cost reducing elements to them to cut down on revenue loss. Then I will go into Quality
Improvements, specifically how software regularly and quickly becomes outdated and if not
worked on can lead to production losses and revenue loss. The last point I will discuss is
Revenue Growth which is most commonly the main priority of any successful business


Companies work daily to reduce their overhead costs in many ways. One such practice
to reduce costs is called Just In Time Manufacturing. According to the website, Encyclopedia
Reference for Business "JIT has often been expressed as a holistic management system aimed
at reducing waste, maximizing cost efficiency, and securing a competitive advantage". Well,
that explains how good it is but what is it?

JIT Manufacturing is all about only producing what is
needed. This is great for companies of all sizes as some companies may have small warehouses
for storing goods. While other companies may have far too many products offered to keep
many quantities on hand of each one. It takes people with knowledge in BMIS to make this type
of process work for these companies to ensure that cost reduction is pushing its max potential


Quality improvements can be miniscule or monumental, with again the main idea being
IMPROVEMENTS to one or more facets of the business. One example is a simple network
refurbish. I say simple but for Home Depot (where I am currently employed) to accomplish this
in all their 2247 stores it has become a massive undertaking. The older network was not able to
keep up with the newer software that was being developed and was costing the company in the
customer service field.

Another example is simply what information is available at a given time.According to the International Journal of Production Research in May of 2006. Information
availability is an important factor in a business’s growth and success. A study posted in the
Journal found that when a products information can be unified and accessed by many different
people with different disciplines and knowledge business' can grow more


Revenue growth as I said earlier is a huge focus for all business' that want to succeed.
An article in PC Mag by Samara Lynn on 08/18/11 talks about CRM or Customer Relationship
Management. This is a system that looks closely into the interactions between customer and
business and helps to draw conclusions off those interactions. Firms that practice this can have
a real time look at how to immediately impact their business for the positive

Similar to the
example I gave about Home Depot being able to better help their customers because of a
network upgrade or Kroger with their coupons. CRM helps to create comprehensive data that
can be represented in graphs or spreadsheets based on the network upgrade. Revenue growth
can come from many different portions of a business.


Supply Chain Management is another
system that can increase revenue on the movement of a company’s goods. SCM is crucial to
revenue gains for businesses as it takes money to move product around the country (from
manufacturer to warehouse to store front to consumer).

SCM's definition is well phrased by the Supply Chain Management Website "SCM encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics managementactivities." Imagine if a company spent more on moving its product. The cost of the product has now increased and thus the Consumer will pay more


In conclusion, Business Management Information Systems has three main strategies
when it comes to development- Cost Reduction, Quality Improvement, and Revenue Growth. I
spoke tonight on how businesses reduce costs by modifying the way they produce goods with
Just In Time Manufacturing, make quality improvements continuously with increased networks
and ease of access to information, and lastly about revenue growth through Customer
Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management.

So, next time you are in Kroger and you are enjoying the coupons, just remember that someone like me was behind the scenes developing and implementing the system to help you save