Activity 1: Identifying Parts of a Cell and Their Main Regions

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A simple definition for the cell?

The structural and functional unit of all living things.


Describe the significant relationship between cell characteristics and roles.

Differences in size, shape, and internal composition reflect their specific roles in the body.


What are 7 functions cells are capable of performing?

1. Maintain their boundaries.

2. Metabolize nutrients.

3. Digest nutrients.

4. Dispose of wastes.

5. Grow and reproduce.

6. Move.

7. Respond to a stimulus.


What are the 3 main regions of a cell?

1. Nucleus

2. Plasma membrane

3. Cytoplasm


What are the 3 functions of the nucleus?

1. Houses the DNA.

2. Control center of the cell.

3. Helps in cell reproduction.


What is chromatin?

Loosely dispersed DNA in the nucleus of a cell that is not dividing.


What are chromosomes?

The chromatin coils and condenses when the cell is in the process of division to form daughter cells.


1. What are nucleoli?

2. What are their function?

1. Spherical bodies in the nucleus composed primarily of proteins and RNA.

2. Act as assembly sites for ribosomes.


1. What is the nuclear envelope?

2. What special feature does the envelope have?

1. A double-layered porous membrane that bounds the nucleus.

2. Perforated with nuclear pores.


1. Nuclear pores are spanned by what?

2. The above-mentioned "what" help with?

1. Spanned by protein complexes.

2. Regulate what enters and exits the nucleus, such as protein and RNA molecules.


1. The plasma membrane separates what from what?

2. What two things is the plasma membrane primarily composed of?

3. Describe the "fluid mosaic model" of the plasma membrane.

1. Separates cell contents from the extracellular environment.

2. Phospholipids and globular protein molecules.

3. It is a bilayer of phospholipid molecules in which the protein molecules float.


What are the 3 main functions of the plasma membrane?

1. Selective permeability

2. Maintains resting potential for excitable cells.

3. Cell signaling and cell-to-cell interaction.


1. What are microvilli?

2. What is the function of the microvilli?

1. Finger-like folds in the plasma membrane.

2. Increase surface area of the cell for absorption, passage, or the binding of signaling molecules.