Chapter 6 Scenario

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Define Board of Directors

Highest level

group of people authorized by law to conduct, maintain, and operate a hospital for the benefit of the public and whose legal and moral responsibility for policies and operations of the hospital are not for personal benefit of the members.


What is a mission statement?

The driving and guiding force that outlines the reason for the existence of a hospital.


What is the title of the person selected by the board of directors who is in alignment with the mission statement to lead the organization?

CEO or or president


What forces can cause a hospital to reorganize?

economic hardships and total quality management


What is the role of the CEO?

Sets in place a formal reporting structure for the organization and interacts with the medical staff to ensure coordination and quality of patient care and services.


Define planning

The management function that charts a course of action for the future to enable coordinated and consistent fulfillment of goals and objectives.


Define organizing

The management function that involves the development of a structure or framework that identifies how people do their work.


Define staffing

The management function that involves getting the right people to do the work and developing their abilities


Define controling

Performance standards or guidelines used to measure progress toward the goals of the organization


Name a group tor internal agency responsible for hospital/patient safety

Infection Control Committee

Radiation Safety Committee

Safety Committee

Risk Management/Corporate Compliance

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

PACS (Picture Archive and communication systems) Committee


Define Interactive Relationships

Positive relationships between the technologist, patient and team involving all persons in patient care and healing.