Chap 1 Key Issue 2 and 3

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Flashcards for key issue 2 and 3
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What are some ways towns get their names?

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After a person (Washington), from religions (St. Louis), ancient history (Athens like Goddess Athena), findings (Eureka), or physical environments
Picture of George Washington


What are the two ways you can find location?

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Through the toponym, site, situation, and mathematical location
Picture of globe as in mathematical location


What are the three types of regions and what is the difference between them?

Formal Regions: an area where everyone shares similar things in common
Functional Region: area organized around a node or focal point
Vernacular Region: a place people think is apart of their cultural identity


What does spatial association have to do with different conclusions in different areas?

In certain areas, things like income, education, culture, and other aspects like that can effect things like cancer rates


Name the two things culture can mean and what they apply it to. (What do they ___ about or ____ for?

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To care about: customary beliefs, values, language, religion, and ethnicity
to take care of: production of material (clothing, shelter, etc)


How does environmental determinism differ from possibilism?

Environmental determinism is when we study how the environment helped human activities, while possibilism is how even though the environment can affect our activities, we can adjust to the environment


Name the five types of climates. What kind do we live in?

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A Tropical Climate
B Dry Climates
C Warm mid-latitude climates
D Cold mid-latitude climates
E Polar Climates
We live in a B climate (dry) picture of


What are the four main biomes?

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Forest, Savanna, Grassland, and desert
savanna picture


Name the four physical processes

Climate, Vegetation, Soil, and Landforms


Where are the places that are very resourceful and why and where are we not resourceful and why?

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In the Netherlands, people are very resourceful with polders.
south Florida was very unresourceful it is working on fixing it.
Picture of polder


What is globalization? How does it work with the economy?

It is when things spread worldwide and it works with transnational corporations and the first global recession was a worldwide recession


How does globalization spread with culture?

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It can spread through tv, internet, traditions.... things like McDonalds and NIke have globalized. Trends and other public simularities


Name the different types of density

Arithmetic density, density, physiological density, and agricultural density


How are density, concentration, and pattern different?

Density is how much of something is in a certainn place, concentration is is when objects in an area are clustered, and pattern s the geometric arrangement of things.


How is there diversity in pattern?

Wealthier people may live in certain places where as people from more specific ethnic backgrounds might live on the other side of town.


What is diffusion and what are the 5 different classifications of them?

It is the process when a characteristic travels from one place to another.
Relocation, expansion, heirarchical, contagious, and stimulus diffusion


What is the increasing gap in economic conditions between regions?

Uneven development