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Past, Present, Future
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My name is Kayla Spradley, and I am an on-campus student here at Richard Bland. This past year has been full of experiences. So much has happened that has opened my eyes to many things and many people. It has had its ups and downs and ins and outs. And I believe we've all been able to take something from that and grow in our own particular ways. But throughout these tough times there has been objects that I’ve carried very close that has helped me through these obstacles.



As a child my comfort object was my SpongeBob SquarePants blanket. I took this blanket everywhere I went and I mean everywhere, like daycare, playdates, doctor appointments and even the bathroom. It was that familiar object that helped me, when I was separated from my mother or was experiencing anxiety or fear. My blanket gave me a sense of comfort. I believe I became so attached to this blanket in the first place, was because it relieved stress and in situations where I felt in danger or scared. I was very sheltered by my mother as a child, so to me places where she wasn’t present were scary and unknown. My blanket acted as a transitional object in my life that I became attached to as a child. To me it was an assurance of safety, and as long as I had my “blankie” everything was alright even though mother wasn’t there.



Time passes, but the memories and lessons stay. I contemplate about things I could’ve done, should’ve done or would do if I am ever in that same situation again. But what I am really doing is wasting the sands that are flowing through the hourglass right now. Instead, if I try to learn what I did well and promise myself that I won’t repeat what I did that brought grief then I am most surely using those grains of sand to the end. I use the hourglass to remind myself that the grains represent precious time and I should start being grateful for all the good in my life.



As much as I would like to stand up here and make it seem like I have it all together, and I know exactly how my future is going to turn out I don’t. Doing the outline for this speech really raised some questions about what I want to do in the future as far as my career. Do I really want to be an attorney, is that honestly what I see myself doing and will I be happy doing that for the rest of my life? To be honest since I was in the eleventh grade and did my first internship in the law firm, I have been saying I wanted to be an attorney but while on this job I always appeared to be stressed and all I could think about was the money I was making and the money I would be making as an attorney. Until this very moment in my life I never thought about making a career out of something I loved doing, because I thought it was all about the money and that’s all that matter. But that is not true, what really matters is doing something I can see myself doing happy and also pursuing my passion. As a matter of fact, my passion is actually making a difference in children’s lives and that is what I did at the YMCA. At this point, it could be paths as far as child advocacy, criminal justice or even psychology. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, I won’t let money dictate my future!



Being that I am living in the present I will say sayings such as Time is precious…You are precious…Life is precious… really do have a meaning behind them, and being a young adult I really should take the time to see how good I really have it compared to others and in the future I want to remember that money is a very controlling thing, it builds empires and breaks down kingdoms, it allows your dreams to come true and it takes others away, it makes some people happy and others completely miserable. I will also remember to thank my audience for listening to my speech.