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WARNING: Contains high levels of caffeine; may cause high blood pressure, heart attack, convulsions, or death.

Red Bull has been associated with sudden death in otherwise healthy individuals with as little as one can being ingested, has been banned in several countries, and yet still refuses to warn its consumers about the health risks it poses unless otherwise mandated by law.



Today I will present to you several studies proving a direct correlation between Red Bull energy drink and negative heart complications, a look into individual cases where Red Bull has caused its consumers to suffer seizure, heart attack, and even death, as well as what we all can do to help shield the public from further damage and loss of life.



I have reviewed several experiments, individual case studies, news reports, consumer complaints and blogs, doctor’s reports and websites pertaining to the study and findings of negative side effects and heath repercussions of the consumption of Red Bull energy drinks.

(Transition: Let me begin with the deadly problem at hand, including the documented cases of several victims of Red Bull’s deadly cocktail.)



Red Bull claims it gives you wings, but it actually can kill you.

Multiple academic journals have exposed Red Bull for having specific adverse side effects after its consumption.

  1. Researcher, Erik Grasser’s study on Red Bull had findings that the “ingestion of the energy drink was associated with a substantial drop in blood flow to the brain hence critically questioning the manufactures promotion about a better mental profile”. (Verbal Citation).
  2. Researcher, Ana Cavka found, that “results of this study have shown that 500mL of Red Bull© … have adverse effect on cardiovascular and respiratory systems…” (Verbal Citation).


  1. About 1 hour later, while at school, he experienced 2 grand mal seizures.
  2. He was previously well and was not taking any medication.
  3. He had no history of seizure or head injury. (Verbal Citation)


    According to adverse event reports collected by the Food and Drug Administration since 2004, a total of 34 deaths have now been linked to energy drinks:



(Internal transition: Now that we have identified the problem, let us look to some solutions.)



After doing research, I am pleased to let you know that the solution to this problem is to contact your state legislation and the FDA to join the fight to label energy drinks with consumer warnings, or ban the deadly product altogether.

Red Bull has been banned in several countries already, so we know it can be done.

  1. According to NBC news, Denmark and Sweden have banned Red Bull entirely from being sold due to the ingredient taurine, which has been proven to cause heart problems especially when combined with caffeine. (Verbal Citation).
  2. Although previously banned in France since 1996, this year Red Bull is now being sold only with required labels warning of health risks and the possibility of death with excessive consumption. NBC News desk. (Verbal Citation).


    Joining the fight to either ban or requiring labeling for Red Bull in the United States is already underway, and you can help.
  1. According to a study on the health implications associated with the consumption of energy drinks, health incidents including liver damage, hypertension, and cardiac dysrhythmias related to energy drink consumption are now tracked by health authorities in countries such as the United States and Germany.
    1. reports that, in 2013 The American Medical Association voted that the marketing of Energy Drinks to those under 18 should be suspended, but we have still yet to see action by the FDA.


    Imposing age restrictions on the purchase of Red Bull will force minors to have parental consent before buying such a dangerous product.
  1. In fact, according to, Last month legislators in New York and Kentucky began considering bans of energy drink sales to minors.
  2. reveals that cities and states such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Maryland have all began legislation to limit or ban the sale of Red Bull and other energy drinks to minors or entirely due to the proven health risks.


    So here is how we can join the fight to warn the public or ban the sale of Red Bull:
  1. You can email, call, or write to your city or even state legislature to support the growing movement against the sale of Red Bull and other energy drinks without warning labels to minors or altogether.
    1. Simply go to to find your states legislation information.
  2. You can start your own petition at
  3. Contact the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and voice your concern:
    1. Call the FDA at 888-463-6332 or 888- SAFE FOOD
    2. Write to the FDA at Food and Drug Administration, 10903 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002



(Internal transition: Now that we have examined a viable solution, let us visualize how this country and world will benefit from affixing proper labels to energy drinks or banning them altogether.)

Some doctors are seriously concerned for the long term effects Red Bull will have on our children and peers.

Therefore, the first benefit is that the sooner we get involved, the less damage will be done.

We can improve the quality of life of ourselves and our children by simply letting them know how dangerous these drinks can be.

Informing the public of excessive Red Bull consumption causing seizures, heart complications, and death will give everyone the knowledge of the danger and a conscious choice of whether or not to take the risk.

Parents who currently buy Red Bull for their children will also be aware of the risks and may think twice about exposing their children to such a deadly cocktail that may have long term health implications



<ol> </ol> <strong>Transition</strong>



In conclusion, you now know the dangers of Red Bull and its consumption.

With 33 deaths reported already, and numerous more complications reported by doctors and hospitals, Red Bull needs to be labeled with warnings or banned altogether.

If we don’t do anything, we will have more loss of life and complications to deal with in our future.

Action: Call or write to your legislators and the FDA and express your concern, or join the petition to have Red Bull labeled with a warning or pulled off the shelves; our lives depend on it!