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Single Nylon Jaw Pliers

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Used to grip and adjust bridges, endpieces, temples.


Double Nylon Jaw Pliers

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Used to grip and adjust bridges, endpieces and temples. Less likely to damage frame or lens than single nylon jaw pliers, but harder to wedge into narrow temple hinges.


Nosepad Pliers

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Used to grip both the metal of the frame nosepiece and the nosepad itself and to move both of them in desired direction.


Lens Axis Pliers

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Used to grip the front and back of a lens that's already set inside the frame. You can then twist the lens a bit in the desired direction. *Note that this will change the axis -- and therefore prescription of the lens.


Needle Nose Pliers

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Used to adjust bridges, pad arms and temples where extra length is needed. You can also grip the excess end of a screw, vertically, and push it to one side to break it off.


Cutter Pliers

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Used for cutting the excess end of a screw.


Nylon Jaw Bending Pliers

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Used to bend a frame wire back into shape.


Wide Jaw Angling Pliers

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Fits over temple hinge screws so that you can make pantoscopic and retroscopic temple angle adjustments.


3-Piece Frame Adjusting Pliers

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Used to handle fragile drill-mounts. It is used to brace lenses and frames without damaging either.


Double Pin Compression Bushing

a.k.a. Compression Sleeve

a.k.a. Bushing

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This small piece of double-barrelled, hollow plastic functions as a covering for the metal frame barbs that enters through a drill-mounted-lens. It protects the lens and helps it endure the pressure from the metal frame so it won't crack.


Compression Pliers

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Used with a drill-mount frame to compress the lens, the frame front and the bushings into one piece.


Compression Sleeve (Bushings) Cutters

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Once the bushings are securely in place in between the metal frame barbs and the lens drill holes, this tool is used to cut off the excess plastic back end of the bushings.


Compression Bushing Disassembly Pliers

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Specially designed to push the frame barbs back out of the plastic bushings while supporting the eyeglass lens on a non-marring nylon jaw surface.


Hot Air Frame Warmer

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Used to warm plastic frames to make them more malleable (flexible) to adjust.