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Define Impressionism. Discuss it in Art and Music.

Act of giving an impression and letting your mind explore the rest. Happened in French Movement.


Describe Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring."

Scenes of Pagan Russia. It was considered great orchestra. It was considered a multimedia spectacle. It involved very different choreography that some people even walked out on.


Compare West Side Story to Shakespeare Play

It's the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Both had feuds. In WSS it was rival gangs with the Jets and the Sharks. In Romeo and Juliet and it was two families, the Capulet's and the Montague's. Both involve a love interest from each side of the feud, in WSS it was Maria and Tony and in Romeo and Juliet is was Romeo and Juliet. Both fall in love when they're not supposed to and both involve tragedy at the end.


Mariachi tradition. What instruments/costumes?

Mariachi is a Mexican tradition. It involves small groups of wind and string instruments such as harps, trumpets, and guitars. They dress up as Mexican cowboys.


What role did secular music have in Medieval life?

Secular music is nonreligious music, mostly used for entertainment purposes. Did not play a major role at the time because sacred music was the dominant music, everything was mostly surrounded around the church.


Define Opera and Oratorio. Compare and contrast them and name an Opera/Oratorio and composer.

-Opera is a play where they sing the dialogue, has costumes and scenery. Ex: Orfeo by Monteverdi.

-Oratorio are religious plays based on the bible, no scenery or costumes, has music and is performed in church. Ex: The Messiah by Handel.


Why do modern instruments sound different from their Baroque counterparts?

Modern instruments sound different because they are made better and differently than the ones they made in the Baroque period. In the Baroque period they used animal skins for strings and other parts and most were made out of wood. Now they mostly use plastic for strings and use different types of metal.


How did Vivaldi use "word painting" in "Spring" of the "Four Seasons?"

He made some instruments sound like spring such as birds and the river.


What is Opera Buffa and give an example.

Opera Buffa is a comical opera, less serious in the classical period. Normally Italian. Ex: The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart or Don Giovanni by Mozart.


Give the story of Schubert's Elfking.

A father and son are riding horseback through the woods and the son says a man is coming to him and scaring him but the father doesn't believe his son and says it's just his imagination that it's just the rustle of the leaves, and the wind blowing. The elfking becomes impatient with the boy so he touches him. The father soon comes to a stop to realize that his boy is dead because whatever the touches the Elfking must die.


Describe the Moldau, who is the composer?

The Moldau was a river like a small stream that grows larger. It started in the mountains. The river had some rapids, saw a peasant wedding and a castle. Takes place in the Bohemian forest. Composer is Smetana.


Who is Stephen Foster? What style of music does he compose? Give an example and the significance.

He was a north American composer. His styles include folk, parlor, and minstrel music. He composed Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair which was a love song for his wife and it represented a loss of youth and happiness.


Choose four musical instruments, each representing one of the four families of instruments, and describe them and their sound.

Drums is from the percussion. It has different sets of drums and symbols that are hit with drum sticks to produce the sound. Guitars are from the string family, it's a long instrument, round on one end with a set of strings which you pluck to produce the sound. Clarinet is from the woodwind family, it has holes in it, you blow on the mouthpiece which makes it vibrate to produce the sound. French horn is from the brass family. You use your lips to blow air through the mouthpiece so that it also vibrates to produce sound.