Created Equal: Created Equal Chapter 18: Political and Cultural Conflict in a Decade of Depression and War 1890s Flashcards

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Created Equal
Chapter 18
Some notes over chapter 18 to aid in study and review for any upcoming quizzes
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11th grade
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Fredrick Jackson Turner's "Frontier Thesis" stated that the United Staes was...

Shaped by the process os Settling in the West

The West serves as a safety value, a place of opportunity...

"With each successive wave of western settlement, American society renewed itself.


What was the reason of Congress establishing the Territory of Oklahoma in 1890...

It was thrown open to white settlers and oil devlopers

"The "sooners", people who rushed to claim the land, gave the state of Oklahoma its nickname- The "Sooner State",


What issue did Gifford Pinchot sought to bring?

The issue of natural resource conservation

"He believed that a managed forest could provide lumber and renew itself."


Racial ideology began to claim the world consisted of people who were either...

Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid


What did the Supreme Court justify in the Plessy v. Ferguson

1896, Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on segregation

"Equal but Separate"


What was designed to prevent African American men from voting?

Restrictions on voting rights: Literacy requirements, poll taxes, "Grandfather clauses", and KKK terror